Creative Gifts: Quick and Easy Projects


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Book: Creative Gifts: Quick and Easy Projects

Gifts you create from scratch always carry more meaning. A gift made with your own hands lets someone know that they are indeed very special. The quick and easy projects in Creative Gifts will keep you supplied with wonderful gift-giving ideas for a long time to come.

In this beautiful hardcover book, you’ll find more than 80 project ideas for everyone on your list, including gifts for holidays and celebrations, gifts for display and storage, gifts with plants and flowers, gifts of accents and accessories. Every project features beautiful, full-color photos of individual steps plus photos of the finished project so you know exactly what you’re working toward. Also included are helpful supply lists and valuable tips on crafting techniques that you’ll be able to use in your future projects.

Here is a sampling of some of the fabulous projects featured in this book:

Gifts for Holidays & Celebrations Gifts with Plants & Flowers
– Ribbon-Covered Gift Boxes – Dried Flower Wall Basket
– Pretty Painted Baskets – Fruit-and-Flower Centerpiece
– Decorative Holiday Candles – Container Garden of Succulents
– Christmas Tree Skirt – Kitchen Herbs in Baskets
– Holiday Evergreen Swag – Floral and Vegetable Arrangement
– Decorative Holiday Door Topper – Miniature Flowering Box Gardens
Gifts for Display & Storage Gifts of Accents & Accessories
– Mounted Collectible Displays – Potpourri Door Sachet
– Fabric-Covered Hat Boxes – Patchwork Pillows
– Spatter-Painted Picture Frames – Painted Cotton Rugs
– Creatively Etched Glassware – Decorative Stamped Designs on Fabric
– Decorated Mailboxes – Wrap-and-Tie Pillows
– Handcrafted Ribbon Board – Decorative Trim for Towels



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Festive Luminarias

Front Matter pp.001-005    Front Matter pp.001-005

 Gifts with Plants & Flowers                            Gifts of Accents & Accessories

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Gifts for Display & Storage                           Gifts for Holidays & Celebrations

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