Fabric Focus 5-DVD Class Set


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5-DVD Class Set: Fabric Focus

This must-have sewing set will provide you with the tips and techniques needed to try out some of those fabrics you have been avoiding! Each of the instructors will show you techniques and inspiring new project ideas that are certain to expand your sewing knowledge and enjoyment.

With over 8 hours of instruction, this set of 5 DVDs combines in-depth video classes from National Sewing Circle — focused on learning how to work with different kinds of fabric from fabric prep to cutting and even how to care for the various fabrics.

Each of the 5 DVDs you’ll receive includes printable PDF bonus resources that will supplement and expand upon the video instruction you will see.

PLEASE NOTE: The content in these Class DVDs is identical to the individual Classes available in streaming video form, which you can purchase/review separately in the NSC store here.


Have you been shying away from knit fabrics because you just weren’t sure where to start? Well, not anymore! These stretchy textiles are here to flatter your form and even better, they stitch up easily.

In this video class, you’ll explore a wide variety of knit fabrics and learn how to identify the right side, wales and courses, perform a stretch test and what types of patterns work best with knits.

Pick up tips on how to cut knit fabrics without causing a snag, then move on to learning how to prep stretchy fabrics for sewing. You’ll discover tips for pressing, washing, drying and applying knit stay tape and knit interfacing. Next up, discover how needle choice and thread choice factor into sewing with knits.

This instructional class will take you through the basics of knits to help master your next projects. Jessica Giardino will cover the following topics:

  • Knits: Up Close & Personal
  • Galleria of Knits
  • Prepping Knit Fabric
  • Cutting Knit Fabric
  • Sewing Knit Fabric
  • Serging Knit Fabric
  • Project: Sew a Skirt
  • PLUS, you’ll get the following BONUS resources:

  • A PDF guide that will help you to take accurate measurements and draft your own knit skirt pattern.
  • A detailed PDF shopping guide for a list of tools and supplies needed to complete this project.
  • Video run-time: 102 minutes


    Laminates are one of the most versatile fabric groups to work with and one of Aurora Sisneros favorite fabrics to work with. Due to their natural water-resistant properties, laminates allow you to work on a variety of different projects, such as placemats, coasters, the backing of picnic blankets, beach bags, grocery bags and more!

    Laminates come in many different forms, some stiffer and some lighter. In this video class, Aurora will focus on three; oil cloth, vinyl and laminate cloth. She will share tips and tricks on how to sew each kind of laminate to get the best look for your project.

    The best part about laminates is how cost effective they are! Aurora will go over a variety of topics, including:

  • Types of Laminates
  • Tips for Sewing Laminates
  • How to Care for and Store
  • Laminate Cutting Tips
  • Project: Vinyl / Oil Cloth Wallet
  • Project: Laminate Cotton Wallet
  • PLUS, you’ll get the following BONUS resources:

  • A detailed step-by-step PDF instruction guide to make your own laminated wallet, as well as a PDF pattern.
  • A list of tools & supplies needed to create this project.
  • Video run-time: 83 minutes


    There is so much you can learn when it comes to sewing with faux leather. This video class will help you to make almost anything you want out of faux leather. It’s great for home-dec applications, perfect for purses and even accent details in garments.

    Because faux leather does not behave the same as fabric there are some special techniques needed to come into play to manipulate the material. Pressing also requires some special considerations. Instructor, Nicki LaFoille, will review each of those plus explain how to cut faux leather and the tension and stitch length settings needed to set you up for success.

    Nicki will also explain what to use for topstitching thread and needles, plus some different presser feet, such as the Teflon foot and the roller foot, and some other tips for sewing and storing faux leather.

    This class will cover many topics, including:

  • The 411 of Faux Leather
  • Finding the Right Tools
  • Techniques for Working with Faux Leather
  • Project: Sewing a Faux Leather Purse
  • Finishing Touches: Zippers & Lining
  • PLUS, you’ll get the following BONUS resources:

  • A list of tools & supplies needed to create this project.
  • A detailed PDF for tips & tricks on working with faux leather.
  • Video run-time: 128 minutes


    Some of the prettiest fabric can sometimes be the most difficult to work with. Embellishments, fur and sequins look great on finished projects but many sewers steer clear of these fabrics because of the hassle.

    No need to fear them anymore; Ashley Hough will take you through everything you need to be able to sew these tough fabrics including how to cut, press and sew them. Topics for this class include:

  • Faux Fur and Leather
  • Sequined & Sheer Fabrics
  • Lace
  • Quick Tips
  • Bonus Projects
  • PLUS, you’ll get the following BONUS resources:

  • A detailed PDF for tips & tricks on working with faux leather.
  • A detailed PDF for tips & tricks on working with sheer fabric.
  • A PDF instruction guide on making your own leather and velour eye glass case.
  • Video run-time: 103 minutes


    Many sewists avoid nylon, thinking it is too difficult to attempt but in this video class you will have the opportunity to learn to tackle the fraying edges and slippery surface of nylon fabrics with grace and aplomb.

    In this video class Jessica Giardino shows of several different types of nylon fabric and each one’s ideal usage. You will even have the opportunity to create a cute and flirty travel purse!

    This project will give you the opportunity to uncover your inner nylon sewing skills while creating your first nylon project. The cross-body purse is the perfect size for a passport, cash and map. It’s great to give as a gift to a travel enthusiast or make it for your next outing. The ripstop nylon and three different zippered pockets make this purse look sporty and professional.

    There will be a variety of topics covered, including:

  • Nylon Fabric Gallery
  • Caring for Nylon
  • Tools & Tips for Sewing
  • Seam Finishes
  • Project: Travel Purse
  • PLUS, you’ll get the following BONUS resources:

  • A resource guide that will include additional tips when working with nylon.
  • A PDF instruction guide on making your own travel purse.
  • Video run-time: 88 minutes