Master Your Sewing Skills 11-Class Set


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Master Your Sewing Skills 11-Class Set

Master the sewing basics and gain confidence in more advanced sewing techniques in the Sewing Master Workshop Collection.

Whether you’re an accomplished sewer or new to the activity, join a variety of expert instructors on a detailed guide through 11 comprehensive classes that will inspire a new outlook on your craft with every skill gained.

Covering topics including sewing essentials, mastering seam finishes, designing your own handbag, and getting familiar with your serger, you’re guaranteed to walk away with multi-purpose skills and fashionable mementos from your time in class.

Maximize your convenience and long-term flexibility and own all the classes on both DVD and via streaming video online— enjoy or share the instruction no matter where you are. Each of the 11 classes includes bonus printable PDF resources as an added supplement to the video instruction.

Sewing Essentials

Learn the wonderful skill of sewing alongside Ashley Hough. Begin with all the essential knowledge for using your sewing machine, then transition into discussing different types of fabrics. Learn to correctly cut out pattern pieces with both scissors and a rotary cutting system. Next on the agenda, go over basic sewing terminology that can be found on many sewing patterns and instructions. By the end of class, you’ll be ready to try out your new skills by constructing a simple sewing tool pouch.

Advance Your Sewing Skills

Take your sewing skills to the next level and expand on basic techniques. Start off by learning different types of stitches and stitch lengths commonly used in sewing. Discover darts and pleats that will add shaping or texture to your projects for the desire result. Confidently tackle curves and corners before learning different seam finishes— one finish that can be done during contraction, and others for after. Lastly, review no-sew and blind hems for a class full of tips and techniques that will advance your projects.

Mastering Seam Finishes

Level up your sewing skills and add professional seam finishes to your projects. Discover three key reasons for adding a finish and when or when not to finish a seam. Join Instructor ZJ Humback and run through a tutorial on achieving a perfect seam, then learn a few different choices for finishing seams on your machine, from straight sticking to edge stitching. Master three different case seams— self-bound seam, mock French seam, and French seam. Lastly, and with many new techniques in your pocket, practice your skills on a simple tote bag.

Closures: Zippers, Buttonholes & Loops

Grow your garment sewing repertoire and master closures! Team up with Nicki LaFoille as she demonstrates different zipper insertion techniques— from the lapped zipper to the exposed zipper. Next, create a buttonhole by using the zigzag stitch on your machine and a buttonhole foot. Learn the steps for professional looking buttonholes for a vintage and couture look to your garments, and insert a bound buttonhole that guarantees retro elegance. Lastly, create your own fabric loops and attach them to a garment.

Pattern Alterations: Fixing Fit Issues

Join Ashley Hough and master pattern alternations you can use on various styles of clothing. Begin class and learn about basic alterations for shirt fronts, backs, sleeves, skirt and pants, and all the tools required to complete them. Fix gaping necklines and general fit issues by altering necklines and the upper back using marking pens and rulers. Use the slash and spread alteration method to fix up shirt sleeves that are too narrow or wide, and conquer the trickier fixes, including skirt and pant alternations.

Sewing a Perfect Fitted Skirt

Join instructor Aurora Sisneros and learn to sew skirts that will perfectly fit your body. To achieve the skirt of your choice, set yourself up for success by learning to properly measure your body. Next, build a pattern that can be reused and encompasses the waist, hips, desired length, and, of course, takes into account that women have curves! From A-line to overlapped waistband, these pick any combination you want and achieve an ideal fit.

Window Treatments Simplified

Let instructor ZJ Humbach introduce you to the creative world of DIY window treatments. First, spin though the various types of treatments— valances, draperies, Roman shades, and more. ZJ will explain different curtain rod options as well as the advances of different window treatments lengths. Learn to accurately measure your windows, a vital part of achieving success. Lastly, carefully consider which fabrics to look for and how decorator fabrics differ from other fabrics.

Design Your Own Handbag

Getting the look of a designer bag doesn’t have to be pricey if you can make you own— join Ashley Hough and learn to construct a handbag! Begin by practicing with a light weight cotton material before later choosing from fabrics such as suede, vinyl, and even spandex blend fabrics. Learn how to sew the purse and how to add finishing touches like top stitching. Get creative as you pick from different front design options, and customize your bag with changing small elements like zipper pulls.

Making Friends with Your Serger

Welcome to serger boot camp, where you’ll get comfortable with your serger quick and easy! Instructor Zj Humbach will break it down to basics and allow you to manage serger capabilities with ease. Begin by learning why a serger is a good addition to a sewing machine, then take an in-depth look at maintenance and troubleshooting that will give you the confidence to manage your own serger when problems arise. Next, try out the 4-thread overlock stitch, the 3-thread narrow edge, and more, then finish off class with a designer placemat and napkin.

Making Friend with Your Serger: Beyond the Basics

Once you’ve mastered the basics of using your serger, broaden your horizons with ZJ Humbach as they break down how to use accessories. Begin by learning the joys of blind hemming and the ins and outs of adding dimension to your sewing. A gathering foot is a faster and easier way to gather and will ensure a more professional finish. After you’ve learned the course material, you’ll make an adorable toddler’s layered skirt that features blind hemming, gathering with lace, and joining multiple layers of gathers.

Cushion Rejuvenation

Add more personality into your home and rejuvenate old couch cushions or give your patio furniture extra summer festivity! Follow Auruora Sisneros on her multi-purpose guide to adding unique touches to your furniture and brightening up your decor. Choose your fabric, measure your cushion with a perfect right angle, and assemble and shape the cushion with expert insight and helpful detail. Finally, learn to create a zipper to enable flexibility to switch up your design whenever you please.