Perfect Your Sewing Skills Set

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Bundle: Perfect Your Sewing Skills Set

Now that you’ve mastered beginning sewing, it’s time to dig in and fine tune your abilities. The Perfect Your Sewing Skills set will help you to expand on things you already know, as well as teach you new and advanced techniques. Learn everything you need to know to become a true professional. Perfect the tricks you’ve already learned while creating a variety of projects, including clothing, accessories and cute home decor! This big instruction set includes a variety of products, detailed below. When purchased separately, this collection of video items and notions has a combined value of $141.

AdvanceSewHero3Advance Your Sewing Skills Class: Once you’ve mastered your beginning sewing skills, you will be ready to take it to the next level. In this class, Ashley Hough will expand on skills you already know as well as teach new techniques that you will be able to apply to either home decor or garment projects.

R4107R_1 Tips & Tricks For Your Style 3-Download Set: Learn many different tips and techniques to master the skills! This 3-Download set features the Essential Sewing Skills download, Exceptional Tools and Sewing Insights download and the Artistic Applique and Embellishments download. 176 minutes.

ahero R4110R_4-16x9 - Copy Advanced Methods and Practical Tips Video Download: Our knowledgeable sewing instructors will show you how to make an easy reversible bag that can go anywhere you go as well as how to dress up any project by working with bobbins.  We also have tips on how to master the serger and take your sewing to the next level. 85 minutes.

ahero R4006R_1-16x9 Creative Techniques for Quality Creations DVD: This DVD is packed with exciting projects! Create a reusable, environmentally friendly lunch tote – a fun project for anyone to try. You will also be shown how to make a pair of comfy shorts, perfect for lounging and ways to use striped patterns to create beautiful clothing designs! 66 minutes.

NSC R4026J Masterpiece Bobbin Set - Neutral Dark MasterPiece Bobbin Set – Neutral Dark: Extra-long staple Egyptian-grown cotton on cardboard-sided L-style bobbins. There are approximately 80 yards per bobbin, with 12 bobbins in the set. Includes 4 neutral colors: #132 Wise One, #136 Fresco, #154 Sculptor’s Clay and #155 Graystone.

NSC R4027J 3 So Fine! Thread Spools 3 Spools of So Fine! Thread: So Fine! #50 is a lint-free and extra smooth all purpose polyester thread. Excellent for Sewing, Serger, Bobbin Thread and Quilting. Comes with 3 colors: Smoke, Mushroom & Pearl.