Quick & Easy Home Decorating: Successful Projects Step-by-Step


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Book: Quick and Easy Home Decorating: Successful Projects Step-by-Step

Who has the time and skill to create all the different projects it takes to really enhance and personalize the look of your home? You do! With Quick & Easy Home Decorating, you have direct access to a wealth of creative and fun projects that are quick, easy, and affordable to make.

In this beautiful hardcover book, you’ll find more than 80 project ideas for every area of the home, including windows, furniture, walls, doors, floors, storage, and flowers. Every project features beautiful, full-color photos of individual steps plus photos of the finished project so you know exactly what you’re working toward. Also included are helpful supply lists and valuable tips on crafting techniques that you’ll be able to use in your future projects.

Here is a sampling of some of the fabulous projects featured in this book:

Window Projects Floor Projects
– Creative Window Draft Stoppers – Designs with Carpet Tiles
– Fabric-Covered Cornice Boards – Decorative Floor Borders
– Café Curtains – Like-New Vinyl Floors
– Simple Pocket-Style Curtains – Painted Designer Stairs
Furniture Projects Storage Projects
– Slipcovers for Straight-Backed Chairs – Covered Storage Boxes
– Simple Upholstered Headboards – Under-Bed Storage Drawers
– Fabric-Covered Screens – Decorative Shelf Trimming
– Easy Cushioned Footstool – Creative Ladder Displays
Walls & Doors Projects Flower Projects
– Decoupage Walls – Pressed Flower Displays
– Stenciled Tiles – Silk Ivy Garlands & Wreaths
– Wood Paneling Makeovers – Decorative Terracotta Flower Pots
– Decorative Treatments for Paneled Doors – Picket Fence Window Boxes



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Personalized Cabinets and Drawers

Front Matter pp.001-005    Front Matter pp.001-005

Window Projects                                         Flower Projects

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Floor Projects                                          Walls & Door Projects

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