SEW... The Garment-Making Book of Knowledge Book


Item: R4006B


Book: SEW… The Garment-Making Book of Knowledge

Everything your mother would tell you about sewing if your mother could sew!

Experienced sewing instructor and blogger Barbara Emodi shares her sewing wisdom to help readers get started, get started back up, or hone their existing garment-sewing skills. Not a sewing reference book as much as a book of experience, this is a book that will make a novice sewist say, “Oh, so that’s why you do that,” make a practiced sewist think, “Now that’s a neat trick,” and make a very experienced sewist smile and say, “That is sooo true!” Take advantage of her thoughts, tips, and tricks on the benefits of sewing, the importance of fit, basic techniques, available tools, patterns, and materials, and so much more.

This book:

  • is Droll, well-informed, readable, interesting, and useful— the how-to book of sewing wisdom you always wanted
  • has the inside scoop on sizing and alternation, patternless sewing, what to sew and what to buy and many other topics
  • includes tips and ideas on choosing and using the best fabric, gear, and sewing machines