Sewing Essentials Class DVD


Item: R4171R


DVD: Sewing Essentials

Sewing is a great skill to have, whether you want to simply sew a button back on a shirt or you want to construct original projects from start to finish.

In this video class Ashley Hough will take you through all of the essentials you need to know to get started including:

  • The importance components of your sewing machine
  • Sewing terminology
  • Needle and thread types and when to use them
  • Fabric variations
  • Cutting pattern pieces using both a scissors or rotary cutter
  • After learning your new skills from Ashley she will put your skills to the test with a project that is included.

    PLUS, you’ll get the following BONUS resources and helpful information to supplement the class content:

  • A detailed step-by-step instruction guide to make your own sewing tool pouch.
  • A resource PDF with a chart to help identify what needle to use on your next project.
  • A shopping guide PDF with a list of tools and supplies needed.
  • Video: Meet Your Expert