Skill Building for the Functional Sewer 3-DVD Set + FREE Hem Gauge & Elastic Thread


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Bundle: Skill Building for the Functional Sewer 3-DVD Set + FREE Hem Gauge & Elastic Thread

Skill Building for the Functional Sewer

Learn to sew with expert instruction, this 3-DVD pack contains easy to follow instructions and will help you take your sewing to the next level.  Learn to finish hem, install zippers, enclose seams and add texture with pin tucks and definition with piping.  Simple to follow projects such as creating a cell phone case, and an oilcloth wallet are also highlighted and will give you endless ideas for gifts! 337 minutes.

Inspiring Ideas & Timeless Techniques – 129 minutes
Chapter Topics:

  • Spot Light Project: Padded Cell Phone/MP3 Player Case
  • Expert Advice: Hem Finishes
  • Skill Building Bound Buttonholes Made Easy
  • Designer Hints: Using Bias Fabric Grain
  • Try Something New: Projects Using Scraps
  • Techniques Revealed: Tricky Zipper Applications
  • Fabric Focus: Linings
  • Back to Basics: Drafting Patterns
  • Design Workshop: Free-motion Stitching
  • Finishing Touches: Waistband Treatments
  • Advanced Projects and Unique Sewing Concepts – 116 minutes
    Chapter Topics:

  • Spotlight Project: Oilcloth Wallet
  • Techniques Revealed: Enclosed Seams
  • Fabric Focus: Terry Cloth
  • Skill Building: Lined Patch Pocket
  • Finishing Touches: Adding Texture with Pintucks
  • Design Strategies for the Crafty Sewer – 92 minutes
    Chapter Topics:

  • Spotlight Project: Hardcover Book Purse
  • Everyday Inspiration: Strip Skirt
  • Designer Hints: How to Secure Necklines
  • Finishing Touches: Adding Definition with Piping
  • Sewing Gauge – 6″ ($3.50 Value)

    Includes a sliding marker that can be moved and will stay in place for repeated marking.

    You can use this sewing gauge to:

  • Measure and mark hems
  • Mark seam allowances and hems on pattern alterations and designs
  • Mark buttonhole spacing and length
  • Determine buttonhole length (by measuring diameter plus thickness of button)
  • Evenly space tucks and pleats
  • Draw scallops and circles
  • White Elastic Thread – 30yd ($3 Value)

    This elastic has an improved quality over other brands that can be visually seen and experienced! Very thin polyester wrapped rubber. Use in the bobbin of the machine to create gathering, shirring or smocking on fabric using straight, zig zag or decorative stitching. 30 yard package.