How to Alter Sewing Patterns for Shorts and Pants

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Duration:   16  mins

Watch as Ellen March shows you how to make a pair of comfy lounge pants!  She shows us how to start with a commercial pattern for pants or shorts,  and modify the pattern to a new style. Learn how to use an existing pattern and modify it to be exactly what you want it to be. Use this helpful instruction to get started on a new pair of pants or shorts today!

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One Response to “How to Alter Sewing Patterns for Shorts and Pants”

  1. Janet Hammond

    The instructor's pattern for adult wide leg pants simply would not work when you come to hem them - the angle she drew is too steep. Ideally you want seams and hemline to be at right angles for tidy hemming. I appreciate with a knit fabric you can fudge it a little, but I for one would not want to wear pants made from the pattern she drafted, they would look most odd.

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