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Best Fabric Markers for Your Sewing Projects

Tara Rex
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Duration:   3  mins

Learn what the best fabric markers and other fabric pens are for adding fun drawings to your next project. Whether you want to spice up an old pair of jeans or add a personal message to a baby shower or wedding party gift, Tara Rex shows you what to use and how easy it can be.

Fabric Markers

With all the varieties out there, you are sure to find the best fabric marker to suit your next project. Tara shows how fabric markers come in a variety of tips- from fine to thick and even stiff and soft tip. Fabric markers also come in a variety of colors, including metallic variations. She demonstrates how easy it is to draw directly on the fabric with little or no preparation of the fabric needed. You can create fun, original designs or add a personal message or signature to a project. If free hand drawing seems intimidating to you, consider using stencils for fabric painting and drawing as a way to create a design.

Crayons and Pastels

Crayons, pastels and fabric pencils can also be a great alternative to fabric markers. Depending on the fabric being decorated, one utensil may be easier to use than another. No matter which utensil you choose, be sure to try it out on a small piece of scrap fabric first to ensure it will create the look you are going for. If you find the fabric is puckering or is difficult to draw on, you may need to stabilize it first.

Permanent Fabric Markers

When it comes to quick sewing projects, the best fabric markers or pencils to use are those that are immediately permanent and don’t require any heat setting. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions on all utensils before beginning a project to ensure they are being used correctly.

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  1. MARY

    Do you have any links available for purchasing the markers?

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