Ashley Hough

Bobbin Storage & Transfer

Ashley Hough
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Duration:   9  mins

Having multiple bobbins prewound with thread and ready to go can help keep a sewing project moving along smoothly. Ashley Hough shows you several ways to store your bobbins, both with and without thread and also shares a quick and easy way you can transfer thread from one bobbin to another.

Bobbin Transfer

Many people often do not know their machine’s bobbin style off the top of their head, meaning you could easily end up with a bag full of pre-wound bobbins that don’t fit your machine. Ashley shows how you can still put those bobbins to good use by transferring the thread from one bobbin to another. While many people are familiar with how to wind a bobbin using a spool of thread and their machine- Ashley shows how to wind a bobbin from another bobbin using a bobbin winder.

There are many benefits of a bobbin winder, whether you are transferring thread between two bobbins or winding new bobbins from a spool of thread. Ashley shows how a pre-wound bobbin can be placed on the winder just like a spool of thread and the thread can then be transferred off of it onto one that fits your machine.

Bobbin Storage

Once you’ve pre-wound several bobbins it’s important to store them properly. Ashley shows several bobbin storage options, some that are conventional bobbin storage options that you can find at many craft stores and some that are not that can be found at grocery stores.

She also explains the importance of having bobbin storage that can grip or tightly store your bobbins as opposed to storage options that allow bobbins to move around freely. This is especially important if you do any kind of traveling with your sewing supplies, as bobbins can easy come unwound if not held tightly.

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  1. tedde lowry best

    Thank you for sharing the bobbin storage options. Could you post a resource for purchasing the silicone bobbin storage ring? Thanks

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