Bobbin Work

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Duration:   9:43   mins

Ashley Hough explains how bobbin work is like sewing upside down while adding some extra embellishments to a project. In working with bobbins, you have the luxury of sewing with some things you couldn’t normally, including embroidery floss, cord, thin ribbon and yarn. She tells you to avoid some types that have wire, knobby features or only one correct side.

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5 Responses to “Bobbin Work”

  1. Barbara Dahl

    Wow! I love Ashley’s straight forward, succinct and informative approach. I’m a fan and I want to try bobbin work right away. Thank you, Ashley.

  2. Nkem Obishai

    Wow!…..This is really enlightening. I have decided to learn a new skill and its sewing. This is encouraging.

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