Ashley Hough

Creating Labels from Dutch Label Shop

Ashley Hough
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Duration:   4  mins

Whether you are making items to sell online or at a local shop or show, or you are hand making gifts for family and friends- adding a label is a great personal touch.

Multiple Label Types

Labels are a great way to personalize your projects and promote you and/or your business at the same time. Labels from Dutch Label Shop can be personalized and customized with everything from lines of text in multiple font options, small shapes in several themes and even a custom logo. Their woven labels also come in two varieties: iron-on and sew-in.

The type of label you choose to use can depend on your project. Iron on labels can be used on everything from garments to gifts, while sew in labels are great for garments made from fabric that doesn’t take well to heat. Ashley Hough shows examples of both iron on and sew in labels and demonstrates how to use each.

When adding a label from Dutch Label Shop to your personalized project, you not only have the option of labels with your own personal message on them, but you can get care labels as well. These are labels that can be added to a project that include instruction on how to wash and care for the project. While labels with a personal message can be either iron on or sew in, care labels are meant to be stitched in place.

An additional label option from Dutch Label Shop is something called a hang tag. Hang tags are larger printed tags that can be added to your project with your name, business logo or a fun personal message. As you work on your next project, or after you finish your project and are adding embellishments, consider adding an extra personal touch with a customized label from Dutch Label Shop.

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