Nicki LaFoille

Sew a Cuffed Pillowcase

Nicki LaFoille
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Duration:   21  mins

This pillowcase project is fun for sewists of all skill levels but especially for beginners, as it consists of all straight lines and straight seams. Have fun with fabric by mixing and matching the pillowcase fabric, the cuff fabric, and the optional decorative trim to sew an easy pillowcase that fits your style.

Seam Finishing Techniques

Learn how to use the “burrito method” to enclose the seams on the cuff, and utilize French seams for the remainder of the pillowcase, so no raw edges are visible.

Fabric Size and Cutting

First, Nicki discusses the size of the fabric pieces, the finished project, and how to alter the size if you have smaller fabric pieces or a different-sized pillow. If you have a directional print, Nicki discusses cutting the fabric to ensure the print is facing correctly.

Sham for a Throw Pillow

To make a sham for a throw pillow using smaller fabric pieces, check out how to make a Patchwork Pillowcase using fabric scraps.

Attaching the Cuff and Trim

Nicki demonstrates how to layer the fabric to attach the cuff and optional decorative trim using the burrito method to ensure the seam allowances are fully enclosed. After stitching the seam, pull the material out of the burrito and press the hem and the edge of the cuff.

French Seam

When the cuff is pressed, Nicki demonstrates how to fold the pillowcase with the wrong sides together and stitch the remaining seam of the pillowcase. You will then turn the pillowcase’s wrong side out, align the right sides together, and stitch again using a slightly wider seam allowance to trap the raw edges. This is a French seam, and it helps enclose raw edges and finish off seam allowances.

More Pillowcase Projects

For more pillowcase projects, check out How to Sew a Pillow Cover to learn how to sew three different square pillowcase types and a bonus bolster pillowcase.

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