Stacy Grissom

Cut Out Pattern Pieces Faster with Fabric Weights

Stacy Grissom
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Duration:   1  mins

Whether you’re working on a project with many pattern pieces or just a few, you can save time with pattern weights. Pattern weights can be used in place of pins to hold a pattern piece on top of your fabric while cutting it out. Not only is it easier to simply place a weight on the fabric rather than insert a pin, but you can save your fingertips from pricks as well!

Fabric weights are also great to use if you are cutting out silk, canvas, leather, or some other kind of fabric that pins would leave permanent marks in. Pins can always be used on these fabrics by placing them only in the seam allowances, but that can get tricky and be time consuming—whereas the weights are a simple alternative.

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3 Responses to “Cut Out Pattern Pieces Faster with Fabric Weights”

  1. APRIL

    Nice! Nicely presented. Clear and to the point and very useful. Thank you.

  2. Leola

    My Grandma always used kitchen knives for her fabric weights. She didn't have time to pin either!

  3. Catherine

    What are the items from the Hardware Store?

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