Disposing and Storing Sewing Needles

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Duration: 1:32

Leah Rybak shows you how to safely and properly dispose of broken needles. Find out how useful old medicine bottles or small shampoo containers can be when storing new needles or disposing old and broken ones.

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4 Responses to “Disposing and Storing Sewing Needles”

  1. Belinda Flowers Braeuler

    I use empty spice containers. I like the can type. I just pop open the side with small holes and the needle slips right in.

  2. gramasews42

    Thank you for the great idea. Disposing of needles and pins have always been a worry. I would weave in folded TP, but keeping a bottle around for them is so much more satisfactory. Also for the storing of open needle packs. I do suggest putting a bit of cotton ball in the bottom to protect the tips from being damaged by sliding back and forth in the bottle. Blunted needles and pins can damage expensive fabrics.

  3. Cat

    Placing new needles in something where they will freely move around is bad, the points can get damaged and then they’re useless. Never remove NEW sewing machine needles from their packages to put into containers, it’s impossible to know the different TYPES, e.g. universal, stretch, jeans, etc. by sight.

  4. Brandy

    I like using TicTac containers for storing used needles because they’re very easy to open and close.