Jessica Giardino

DIY Sewing Project: Sew a Purse Lining

Jessica Giardino
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Duration:   32  mins

How to Measure

If you are sewing your own purse, it will come with pattern pieces specifically for the lining, or you can use the outer purse pattern pieces to create you own. If you want to line a purse you already have, Jessica Giardino shows you how to trace or measure the purse in order to create all the necessary pattern pieces.


The great thing about DIY sewing projects is that you get to customize them any way you want. In this case, Jessica shows you how to customize your purse lining with pockets. Pockets can be created in nearly any shape or size and can be made for a specific item—for example, a pocket intended for an iPad or tablet can be padded for protection. Jessica walks you through how to create several different types of pockets including padded, elastic top, and more.


Zippers are not only great along the tops of your purse or bag, but they can be perfect additions to lining pockets as well. Jessica walks you through how to create a zippered pocket for your lining and shows you how easy zippers can be to work with.


After all of the pocket modifications have been made to this DIY sewing project, it’s time to put it all together. Jessica shows you how to assemble the lining while adding great last-minute details like key holders, and then shows how to insert the new lining into without any stitches being visible on the outside of the purse.

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