Ellen March

Easy Project Ideas for Fabric Scraps

Ellen March
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Duration:   10  mins

Do you have a bin at home full of scrap pieces of fabric? If so, Ellen March introduces you to several creative projects that require you to use up your fabric scraps. Spark some inspiration to make something beautiful out of your sewing fabric scraps. Try one of these fun and unique projects today while utilizing these helpful tips and techniques.


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3 Responses to “Easy Project Ideas for Fabric Scraps”

  1. Laurie

    These are great ideas, but what about doll clothes for some little sweet hearts who need doll clothes, Pick up a name to donate a Christmas gift from the giving tree, I once purchased clothing for a little girl, and a Barbie doll she wanted and made clothing and jewelry (bead Project leftovers). Donate to a primary grade teacher for art projects, donate project appropriate scraps for charities, American hero quilts, etc. And if you donate your scraps, you have more room to buy more fabric for your projects!!!

  2. kelu Kapi

    Thankyou for the vidoes very interesting n learn new things everyday.

  3. Lisa middough

    Cute ideas for your scraps:)

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