Aurora Sisneros

Tips for Threading a Serger

Aurora Sisneros
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Duration:   3  mins

Threading a serger is never any fun, no matter how experienced of a sewer you may be. Aurora Sisneros walks you through her way of completing this tedious task to make it a bit easier and less time consuming. This helpful trick can make a sewer’s life much easier! Watch and learn today how threading your serger can become an easier task than you think. 

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15 Responses to “Tips for Threading a Serger”

  1. Anne Coppes

    this does not help with a new machine that does NOT have thread to pull through

  2. Mark

    Excellent, many thanks.....!

  3. Marilyn parker

    Need to learn new ideas

  4. Robbin E. Dillon

    so - after the fourth ad, I give up - not exactly what I had hoped for......

  5. BB Rosser

    Although Aurora Sisneros did a great job explaining re-threading a serger, I recently purchased an older model serger that is not self-threading, so I would really appreciate a tutorial on How To Thread Any Serger.

  6. Jeannette Watts Griffin

    What if you have a 5 thread serger?

  7. Linda Spears

    I was a bit disappointed it wasn't on threading the serger, as that's where the problem is I'm having, but I noticed on the video to the left, that it says easy serger thread change. Would it be possible to have one on threading a serger? Thank you!

  8. Jennifer Clarke

    Why does take so long to explain a simple task? If you lift the foot the cotton should just pull through. I am a retired couture seamstress with many years of experience. You are making this look far more difficult than it is!

  9. Linda Gran

    This is great & does away with unnecessary errors. Loved it!

  10. Mel

    It is a shame that Judi Jackson Reiss feels the way she does regarding the instructions you gave regarding threading a serger. I have several friends that teach sewing, and they all say the same regarding this process. If it works, why not!

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