Ashley Hough

Elastic Bookmarks

Ashley Hough
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Duration:   11  mins

This quick stash-buster project uses fabric scraps and elastic to create a double-duty bookmark and pencil holder. Ashley Hough shows you how!


Cut two fabric strips measuring 18”x2 ½” and 8”x2 ½”.

Ashley uses ½”-wide elastic, but any width will work, provided it’s narrower than the finished bookmark.


To create the pocket, Ashley demonstrates how to pinch and fold the long strip so the lower edge aligns with the underneath fold and the upper fold is several inches from the upper edge.

Depending on your writing utensil, adjust the upper fold as desired, keeping the lower raw edge aligned with the underneath fold.


With right sides together, align the two rectangles sides and lower edges. If the pocket-rectangle upper edge is longer, trim the excess so the edges align.

Ashley demonstrates how to stitch the rectangles together and leave centered openings in each short edge according to the elastic width. Clip the corners and turn the bookmark right-side out.

Cut the elastic 1” longer than the book the bookmark is intended for. If you don’t know the size of the book it will be used on, cut your elastic approximately 3” longer than the pocket rectangle.

Ashley demonstrates how to tuck one elastic end inside one opening and topstitch twice to secure. Repeat for the opposite short end, making sure the elastic isn’t twisted. Stitch a vertical line centered along the pocket.

Jazz up this project by using metallic or decorative elastic. Use the elastic around the entire notebook to secure it closed, or use it to mark your page in the book.

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