Tara Rex

Fabric Folding & Organizing Tips for Storage or Travel

Tara Rex
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Duration:   2  mins

Fabric folding is a key element in keeping your sewing studio neat and organized. Tara Rex shares great fabric folding tips for both stacking and storing fabric as well as packing it in a tote for travel to a sewing retreat.


When it comes to storing fabric in a sewing studio, most of us not only want our fabric to stay neat and organized, but we want to be able to see it too. This typically means that the fabric gets stacked on a shelf, but that can be difficult with different sizes and types of fabric. Tara shares several fabric folding tips that can help you on your way to learning how to organize your sewing supplies. She shows how to fold the fabric whether it is brand new or pieces have already been cut from it. While each piece of fabric may not fold to the exact same size, keeping them fairly even and equal will help make them easier to stack and less likely to fall over.


Sewing and quilting retreats and becoming more and more popular, meaning people are traveling with their sewing supplies and fabric more often. Tara shares several tips for folding fabric to fit into totes or bags for traveling. She also shares her favorite methods of storing and transporting her fabric, which includes plastic bags for smaller projects and old sheet bags for larger projects. She also explains how they are both great ways to store projects that you are currently working on. Keeping fabric and pattern pieces from a project together can make starting it again much easier if you’ve had to take some time away from it to work on something else. These little sewing room organization tips are a great way to help keep both your fabric and sewing studio nice and tidy.

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5 Responses to “Fabric Folding & Organizing Tips for Storage or Travel”

  1. pamela livingston

    This is one storage technique I have used for years. It's a great way to keep project pieces together! I re-use the larger bags that pillows are sold with for finished quilts to keep them clean and dust free. Great video, thanks!

  2. Pibby

    Great thoughts for something worthwhile to do with all those zipped plastic/vinyl sheet/blanket etc bags I've accumulated and couldn't quite part with! As a commenter noted, the larger (2 & 3 gallon ) zip-loc bags are good for sorting/storing all sorts of craftythings, too. Thank you all!

  3. Peggy Foley

    I have purchased the clear plastic shoe boxes from the Dollar Store to store fabric by projects, cut sizes or on an as required basis. They stack nicely and I can see what is in them. They also make great sorting bins when working on a paper pieced project.

  4. Tara

    Great ideas! I use the 2 gallon zip lock bags for my projects. They are especially useful for fashion sewing projects to store the pattern, that I can never get back into the original paper sleeve!

  5. Nelly

    Really like the idea of reusing the clear sheet bags. Sometimes there are smaller ones that sheers come in which are handy for small items. I like to re purpose things. Thank you for the tip.

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