ZJ Humbach

Fabric Tips: Sewing Fleece

ZJ Humbach
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Duration:   5  mins

Fleece can be a great fabric to work with and in this video ZJ Humbach shares with you why sewing fleece is one of her favorites! At 60 inches wide it’s one of the more cost effective fabrics to buy, it’s warm and lightweight, and has the added benefit of not raveling. This not only makes it easy to work with, but with no need to finish edges it makes it great for whipping up last minute gifts like blankets!

ZJ takes you through other advantages of sewing fleece, as well as explains some of its trickier attributes like whether it has a grain and which directions have the most stretch. ZJ also shares ideas of projects that can be made entirely out of fleece like blankets, sweaters, or toys, and shows some examples of projects that can be accented with fleece.


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9 Responses to “Fabric Tips: Sewing Fleece”

  1. Mariette Forget

    Hi and thanks to Bonnie because I was going to make blankets for toddlers. I will make some for their older siblings now .

  2. Sewer aficionado

    Trying to make a fleece jacket/snuggly and wondering what type of snaps you’d recommend (or not?) as I’m afraid it will eventually rip the fabric off. Figure Velcro May not be recommended

  3. Tammy Verran

    Have lots of Fleece and need som ideas! Do have enough for blankets


    is there a special type of needle that should be used. I have trouble with it getting caught in the plate when sewing. So what tension is good, stitch length etc.

  5. Tressa Dishman

    Thanks for the tips about sewing fleece. I have been using fleece as a backing for 'comfort quilts' to be given to those who are in the hospital or home bound. The softness of the fleece adds the comfort and the other side of the quilt is usually cotton. Binding has been either sewing a 1/2" edge and then trimming with pinking shears or I do 'pillow case' style on the quilt. I use my walking foot when doing the quilting so it helps to eliminate the pulling. Thanks again for this timely info - I had not realized the difference in the stretch!

  6. Shelly

    I am sewing a blanket with fleece on one side and the other side is cotton blend fabric pieced together like a quilt top. I am trying to find tips online to prevent the "stretch" when I am sewing top edges and bottom edging . The fabrics laid out on table in perfect proportion ,the sides didn't stretch out ,but the fleece ended up stretching Longer than the cotton fabric on TOP and Bottom edges

  7. Mariette Forget

    Hi and thank you so much for this tutorial on fleece. You make me want to sew with this now. 😎🌸

  8. Bonnie

    1. When I make a double layer fleece blanket I reverse the stretch. I lay the crosswise stretch along the lengthwise stretch which reduces the stretch of the finished blanket. 2. Latest guidelines from pediatric groups is NEVER use fleece blankets for babies or toddlers. You cannot breathe through it hence why it blocks the cold air so well. Our local childrens' hospital requested years ago that we not donate fleece items for the nursery or NICU. The static in the fleece affects the electronic monitors and again cannot breathe through it.

  9. Vickie

    would like to have more tips about actually sewing fleece on my sewing machine. Stitch length, etc. I have not been pleased with the outcome of attempting to sew with fleece and wonder what I am doing wrong. Thanks

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