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Favorite Sewing Tool: Stiletto

ZJ Humbach
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The stiletto sewing tool comes in handy in many different ways. Use it to hold down seam allowances as they pass under the presser foot to ensure the seam allowances don’t get flipped the wrong way.

You can also use the sewing stiletto to help the fabric start moving under the presser foot at the beginning of seams, so the fabric edge doesn’t get balled up or jammed down into the throat plate before the feed dogs can start working on it and pulling it under the presser foot.

The stiletto sewing tool allows you to manipulate the fabric as it moves under the presser foot, after you’ve taken your pins out of your fabric, when there’s the risk of the fabric shifting. Don’t stitch over the stiletto, just as it is not recommended to stitch over pins, but the stiletto’s sharp tip can get very close to the needle as you use it to guide the fabric under the presser foot.

Also use the sewing stiletto to separate seam allowance layers when taking to the iron to press. Use the stiletto to manipulate small details and folds when pressing, such as mitered corners. The stiletto can be used to hold small fabric details in place as they go under the iron for pressing or fusing, such as applique details.

Be careful when using the sewing stiletto, as the tip is very sharp. Keep the pointed end safely enclosed in its case when not in use.

This multipurpose tool can be used in many different situations, not only to precisely manipulate seam allowances and fabric details, but to keep your hands away from dangerous places, such as the sewing machine needle and a hot iron.

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4 Responses to “Favorite Sewing Tool: Stiletto”

  1. Corinne Brooks

    I don't see why it has to be sharp if only using for these things.

  2. Karla Green


  3. Judith Oliver

    This is a very helpful tool. Thank you for pointing out it's uses. I would like to purchase a stiletto like the one featured in your video. Any suggestions as to where I might purchase one?

  4. Robbie

    Nice video. The brass stiletto with case that is featured is very appealing---where can one purchase it? Thank you.

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