Ashley Hough

Felt Applique & Embroidery Hoop Craft

Ashley Hough
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Duration:   18  mins

Embroidery hoops don’t have to be only used for embroidery, they can be used on other sewing projects as well. Learn a fun new embroidery hoop craft that incorporates different sizes of hoops, a small amount of cotton fabric and fusible felt applique shapes- Ashley Hough shows you how.

Fusible Felt Shapes

The main design component of this embroidery hoop craft is felt shapes that are attached to cotton fabric. Ashley shows some of the possible sewing room themed shapes that can be used for this project, such as small scissors, seam rippers, needles and thread. Ashley demonstrates how to trace the shape onto the paper side of fusible web and then fuse it to the wrong side of a piece of felt.

She also explains that the direction of the shape will be reversed once it is cut out because the traced shape is being fused to the wrong side of the fabric. If the shape you are using is directional you may want to consider reversing it before tracing it and fusing it to the felt. Ashley then shows how to cut out the shapes using small scissors.

Once all of the shapes have been cut out, Ashley shows how to arrange the shapes onto cotton fabric within the embroidery hoop. It is important to do this step in order to ensure that your design fits within the embroidery hoop. Ashley then shows how to remove the paper backing from the shapes and fuse them to the cotton. The fabric can then be inserted into the embroidery hoop and this embroidery hoop craft can be finished.

However, Ashley shows how to do an extra finishing step that secures the raw edges of the cotton fabric behind the embroidery hoop so that it is hidden. She does that by stitching a simple running stitch around the fabric edges and pulling them together. Once you finish this embroidery hoop craft- check out more applique videos.

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