ZJ Humbach

Finding Time to Sew with These Easy Tips

ZJ Humbach
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Duration:   6  mins

Between work, family and other tasks that need to be done, finding time to sew can be difficult. ZJ Humbach shares some of her tips on how to set aside time to sew.

Make it a Priority

Making sewing a priority can help you in finding time to sew. By elevating sewing to the same level as other daily tasks, it can make sewing feel less like something you can only do in your spare time and more like something you can make time for. Sewing time can even be scheduled by blocking out a certain amount of time for it each day. ZJ recommends starting with just 15 minutes a day. While that may not seem like a lot of time, ZJ explains how it can really add up over the course of a week or more. During each 15 minute block of time you can easily accomplish one part of a project, whether it’s deciding what to sew, prepping fabric, learning new stitching techniques or even sewing a small section.

Change your Thinking

Finding time to sew can be especially difficult for big sewing projects because many people feel like they have to get it all done at once. ZJ explains how changing your thinking can help eliminate some of the stress associated with completing large projects. Rather than feeling like you can’t start a project until you have time to complete the whole thing, consider breaking it into smaller sections. ZJ explains how doing a little at a time, but doing it often, can help you get projects done.

Other Resources

There are many resources available in print and online that can help you in both finding time to sew and saving time while sewing. ZJ show you several of her favorite books and shares some of their tips. Saving time while sewing, or finding faster ways to sew can help you complete more projects. You can change the way you sew entirely or save time by simply learning how to organize your sewing supplies so everything is streamlined and easy to access.

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2 Responses to “Finding Time to Sew with These Easy Tips”

  1. Siobhan

    What a great video. I love your mother's saying of 'little and often'. I'll have to give this a go. Thank you.

  2. angie

    video didn't work

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