Ashley Hough

Sewing Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Ashley Hough
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Duration:   12  mins

Handmade Christmas ornaments are a great way to add a personal touch to your Christmas tree or give as a gift. Ashley Hough shows you how to make several different handmade Christmas ornaments, a perfect holiday gift idea, embellished with decorative hand stitching and beads.

Fabric and Supplies

These fun and easy handmade Christmas ornaments are made from felt as it is an easy fabric to work with, doesn’t require edge finishing, and comes in a variety of fun colors, prints and even glitter. Ashley shows the kind of felt she uses for these handmade Christmas ornaments, which are rectangles of craft felt or small scraps of felt. She also explains that she uses two different kinds of thread: all purpose sewing thread and embroidery floss.


Ashley first shows the pattern shapes provided with this video to make the handmade Christmas ornaments. Download the Christmas ornament pattern here. Choose the shape you wish to make and cut it out from felt. If there are several sections on your chosen pattern you can either cut the whole shape out from one single color or use a different color for each section. Ashley then explains that no matter which shape you use the basic assembly is the same. To start, add any embellishment to the front of the ornament that you would like.

Ashley also demonstrates how to add beads to the font of the Christmas cookie shape to look like sprinkles. She then shows how to stitch the front and back pieces together using a blanket stitch around the outer edge. She explains that she uses embroidery floss to do this stitching, rather than all purpose thread, as it is thicker and stands out more. Ashley also explains that when finished these cute handmade Christmas ornaments could also be used as gift tags. Once you’ve made all of these cute ornaments, learn how to create a Christmas stocking!

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One Response to “Sewing Handmade Christmas Ornaments”

  1. Linda

    Great tutorial. ClipArt and cookie cutters are also good options for templates. I might consider making several lightbulbs and connecting them with burlap twine or cord.

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