Emily Steffen

House Door Stop

Emily Steffen
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Duration:   19  mins

Join Emily Steffen and learn how to sew a door stop in a fun house design that can easily be customized to look like any house you want!

Learn to Sew a Door Stop

Fabric & Patterns

Emily begins by talking about the different pieces of fabric that will be needed to sew the door stop and explaining that all pieces can be cut using the provided pattern pieces. She then explains that she cuts some of the pieces from cotton fabric and some from felt fabric and explains why.

Pattern 1

Pattern 2


Once all of the pieces have been cut, Emily shows how to start assembling the house by adding all of the fun applique pieces to the front of the house. This is the step where this project becomes completely customizable and you can make your house have any design details you desire. Once the appliques have been added, Emily shows how to build the house by adding a strip of fabric between the front and back to make the house dimensional. She gives tips on what seam allowance to use, how to turn the corners, and how to join the ends of the strip. Once the front and back of the house have been added to the strip of fabric, Emily shows where to leave an opening so that the house can be stuffed and finished.

Adding Weight & Final Touches

Once Emily shows how to add the stuffing to the house, she shows what to use to give the door stop some weight. Once that has been added, Emily shows how to hand stitch the opening closed to secure the stuffing and then how to add additional design elements to the house, like shingles to the roof.

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