ZJ Humbach

How to Buy Fabric

ZJ Humbach
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Duration:   9  mins

Whether you are making garments, home décor items, or quilts, one of the first steps is buying fabric. ZJ Humbach shares several tips on how to buy fabric for your project.

How to Buy Fabric

When it comes to buying fabric, ZJ first explains that it is important to always buy good-quality fabric. She then explains that it is always important to keep the use of the item in mind when selecting fabric and make sure you are using fabric that fits with your project. If you are making a garment and are using a pattern, especially a commercial pattern, there will be recommended fabrics listed with the pattern. This can help you if you are unsure what type of fabric should be used for a certain garment. While you don’t have to use only what is suggested, it is important that you use a similar fabric—for example, don’t use something like 100% cotton when a knit fabric is suggested. If unfamiliar with different fabric types, learn all about knits vs. woven fabric! Once you have narrowed down the type of fabric you want to get for your project, ZJ shares several tips on how to buy fabric that is good quality. Most times, higher-quality fabric will cost a bit more, so ZJ shares examples of times where it might be appropriate to purchase less-expensive fabric. ZJ then talks about other fabric-buying tips, which include determining how a fabric feels and whether it has sizing added to it, how to know if a print is printed onto a fabric on the straight of grain, and how to know if your garment is going to remain looking neat and pressed while you wear it or if it is going to easily wrinkle. Once you learn all of the great tips on how to buy fabric and you’ve made your selection, it’s time to start on a project—so learn about one of the next steps, which is fabric-marking tools.

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4 Responses to “How to Buy Fabric”

  1. Rhonda

    Very good. Learned some things.

  2. Barb

    Are there certain fabric makers you recommend?

  3. Regina Burks

    Helpful video! Thanks. ^_^

  4. sunmi sijuade

    These tips are very useful if buying it in a physical shop but online, these tips wont apply. What are the best tips for buying fabric online?

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