How to Hem a Curved Edge

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Duration: 19:22

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Hemming a project or garment is one of the finishing steps of sewing projects, and on garments in particular, this can generally be a curved edge. Ashley Hough shows you how to hem a curved edge and gives tips on how to ensure that the hem lays flat.

Fabric and Hem Width

When it comes to learning how to hem a curved edge, there are some hems that are easier than others. Ashley explains that narrower hems on light to medium weight fabric can be easier than larger ones on thicker fabric, however she gives tips on both.

Ashley begins by showing a narrow hem on lightweight cotton fabric and begins by running a line of basting stitches along the edge. She explains that the stitching line is going to become a fold line, meaning that the stitches need to be half the distance away from the edge of the fabric of the final hem measurement. For example, if you want a finished hem of ½”, then the basting stitches should be ¼” from the edge.

Ashley then shows how to fold along the stitching line and pin the first fold of the hem in place. She then presses the hem in place, giving tips for how to press differently for different fabric types. Once the first fold is pressed, she shows how to fold a second time, pin, press and then stitch the hem in place. Ashley explains why it is a good idea to press the hem a second time before stitching it in place to ensure that it is going to lay flat.

She then shows more about sewing hems, including how to do a wider hem on a thicker fabric. While the technique of how to hem a curved edge is similar, Ashley shows how to use the line of basting stitches to gather the fabric around the curved edge, making it much easier to fold and pin in place.