Aurora Sisneros

How to Hem Jeans

Aurora Sisneros
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Duration:   5  mins

Aurora Sisneros presents new techniques for hemming your jeans. Learn helpful tricks to sewing through thick parts in the jeans and find out how beneficial it can be to have a friend available to speed up the process. Use these awesome tips when you are hemming your own jeans.

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14 Responses to “How to Hem Jeans”

  1. Peggy Waters

    Love love what you doing. I’m learning so much. Oh thank you so much. Oh yea on the jeans why didn’t you use orange three?

  2. Evie

    Very creative hemming! And the last piece of advice.. lol! Kick ‘em! Love it!

  3. Sharon Ericksen

    If you take your Jean's on a hard surface a hammer them with a regular hammer on the seams they will go through your machine e with no problem

  4. DONNA

    Love the advise to "Just Kick-em" if they are that close. LOL

  5. kellijokeeler

    <strong> Ticket 21579 How do i sew bell bottom stretch jeans?

  6. Stephanie

    You don’t have to have another person to pin them in the way she showed. Just cuff them up (fold so the extra fabric is on the outside of the leg) and then pin them yourself to the correct length. Take the jeans off and measure the height of the cuff. Now fold them the way she showed, using your measurement divided by two. So if you need the jeans to be two inches shorter, the cuff would be one inch when measured from the edge of the hem (the place where you will sew) to the fold. Basically you are first measuring the total amount to be hemmed, then divide that by two and cuff it the same way she did but use the number you calculated to be the amount in the folded area that is the flap that you fold up (or cut off if you prefer). The measurement is explained well in this video: Also, use thread that matches you jeans color, not white thread unless your jeans are white.

  7. Laurie

    Responding to Sydney, She is showing the correct way to hem this when measured correctly it works, my customers would tell you so. And yes this is best done on a straight leg but with a little manipulation it can usually work on a flare leg.

  8. Michele Lewin

    Thank you for the technique. But, there is such a thing as a "hump jumper". I use one all of the time to hem jeans. It fools your machine into thinking its sewing over a level surface.

  9. Barbara

    This only seems to work on straight leg jeans if they flare the old hem is wider than what you're sewing it to. Use a hump jumper or a thick piece of cardboard under the back of the foot to get past the hump. Use a safety pin to mark the hem so you don't get poked taking them off.

  10. Kathleen

    Use a hammer and block of wood to pound thick seam to a thinner thickness.

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