How to Hold Scissors to Reduce Hand Fatigue

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While rotary cutters and rulers can be very efficient when it comes to cutting fabric, they aren’t always the easiest to use for certain shapes. In this sewing video Stacy Grissom shares several tips for how to hold scissors and use them in a way that can help reduce hand fatigue and pain associated with prolonged cutting.

Help Your Hands

When it comes to using scissors, a common problem people have is that they simply hold the scissors too tight. Stacy demonstrates how a looser grip on the scissors, or even holding the scissors with less fingers can help fight hand fatigue. Another tip that can also help eliminate hand fatigue and pain is to open and close the scissors using only your thumb while the rest of your hand stays relaxed. This is a smaller movement using less muscles and can help keep you cutting longer.

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Sharp Scissors

Even though knowing how to hold scissors can help eliminate hand fatigue, your scissors themselves as well as your cutting technique play a large role. It is always important to use sharp sewing scissors on fabric, and preferably scissors that are only used on fabric and not dulled by other materials like paper. Sharp scissors make cutting through fabric easier and requires less force from your hands to make the blades go through the fabric. Stacy demonstrates proper cutting techniques, which includes using the full length of the scissor blade to cut the fabric rather than lots of little cuts.


Along with learning how to hold scissors and use proper cutting technique, having a pair of ergonomic scissors can also help your hands. Many different companies have ergonomic scissors that include features like padded handles, spring loaded blades and contoured grips. It is important to find a pair of scissors that fits your hand comfortably and is easy to use, so if possible, try holding the scissors prior to purchasing them.

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  1. Lynn

    Please tell Stacy she is using shears in her video, not scissors.

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