How to Install a Zipper

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Krista Williams demonstrates how to install a center (or slot) zipper using a self-basing zipper. She shows you every step including preparing the opening, marking a 5/8th inch seam, ironing the fusible interfacing and more.

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6 Responses to “How to Install a Zipper”
  1. ulomalekan

    Installing zip has always been a challenge to me, I really enjoyed this video and i’ll try this method right away. Thanks a lot

  2. katherine

    only can see half the video then it says unavailable. tried on 3 different times now

  3. Grace

    WOW! That sure is complicated. As far as I’m concerned, it is easiest to just baste the entire seam up, lay the zipper in and use the natural lines on the zipper tape as your markers. You also should never have to remove the garment and start over. Just pivot at the bottom, sew across and then pivot again and sew back UP the zipper. Done in about half the time! Then, open up the basted seam allowance.

  4. June Pitsley

    What does she mean after keying the zipper to go ahead and open it up with scissors? Is she cutting through the metal stop or what?

  5. June Pitsley

    Never mind. I thought she was talking about the bottom stop not the top. Looking on my phone and the pic was small until I turned my phone sideways


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