How to Make a Jumper for a Young Girl

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For some, the start of fall season means back to school shopping for cute clothes. For others, including Holly Willis, it’s the time to start sewing back to school clothes. Learn how to make a jumper for a little girl sized 4/5 from an easy to follow, downloadable pattern Holly created.


Holly shows how to make a jumper for a young girl using just a few simple pieces. From the pattern, you will need to cut front and back jumper pieces, which are the same. You will also need to cut out pocket pieces and strips for bias binding. Holly explains how to line up the pattern pieces along the grain of the fabric and also explains the bias of fabric. For the jumper in this video, Holly used corduroy fabric, but she also shares other fabric options that can be used to make a lighter-weight jumper.


Once all of the pattern pieces have been cut out, Holly shows how to make a jumper step-by-step. She begins by showing how to create the pockets on the jumper front, which include box pleats and bias binding. Holly shows how the stitching can be made easier, and demonstrates how to prepare a sewing machine and how to use an edge stitching foot. She then shows how to stitch the front and back pieces together at the straps and gives tips for stitching and turning curves right side out.


Holly shows how to make a jumper that can easily be made reversible. She demonstrates how to stitch the front and back outer and lining pieces together in a way that doesn’t show the seams. She then explains that in order to make it reversible, it’s as easy as adding buttons to each side.


Once the jumper is stitched together, Holly shows how to add the finishing touches. These include topstitching, hemming, adding buttonholes and stitching on cute, decorative buttons. Other finishing or embellishing techniques can also be used to make the jumper unique.

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