Ashley Hough

How to Make a Padded Seat Cover for a Stool

Ashley Hough
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Duration:   24  mins

Adding a cover to a stool is a great way to customize it and add color to a room. Learn how to make a seat cover with coordinating piping and a fun scalloped edge.


Before you can learn how to make a seat cover you need to take several measurements. Ashley Hough shows how to take measurements across the top of the stool as well as around the outer edge. She also explains how to account for rounded edges on a stool top by adding width so the cover will fit snugly.

Scalloped Edge

Using the instructions in this video you can learn how to make a seat cover that has either a straight or scalloped edge. To add a scalloped edge you need to determine how many scallops you want around the edge of the stool and how big they will be. Ashley shares an easy way to determine how to evenly space the scallops around the edge. She then shows how to measure and mark the fabric to draw the scallops as well as shows several household items that can be easily traced to create a smooth rounded edge.


Piping is a great way to add a coordinating color to your stool cover. Pre-made piping can be purchased from crafts stores in a variety of colors, however, you can also make your own. Ashley shares several piping techniques, including using home decor cording to create a thicker piping. She also shows how to prepare a sewing machine for stitching piping using a zipper foot, which allows you to stitch closer the cording.


Once the scallops and piping have been created Ashley shows how to sew it all together to make the seat cover. She also shares tips on how to finish the edges of the piping in order to create a professional finished look.

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