How to Make a Throw Pillow with a Fun Flange

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Learn how to make a throw pillow with a decorative flange using only two fat quarters of fabric- ZJ Humbach shows you how.


Learning how to make a throw pillow is not only a great simple project that can be completed quickly, but it is also a fun way to use up fat quarters of fabric you may have been collecting. A fat quarter measures 22″x18″ and is equivalent to a quarter yard of fabric. Rather than a typical quarter yard of fabric, which is 9” x 44” or the width of fabric, the extra width is added to the length, hence the name fat quarter. ZJ shows how to begin making the pillow by cutting and preparing the fabric. The fat quarter for the pillow front is trimmed down to a square while the fat quarter for the pillow back is cut into two rectangles to form the back closure.

Pillow Size

When learning how to make a pillow, it is important to know what size you want the finished pillow to be. The pillow in this video finishes at 17 ½” and fits a 14″ pillow form. This is because of the flange that is stitched around the outside edge. Adding a flange allows you to have a larger looking pillow while using a smaller pillow form.


Learning how to make a throw pillow like the one in this tutorial is simple and can be done in a few easy steps. First ZJ shows you several different options for creating the pillow closure along the back. After a closure method is selected and applied, ZJ shows how to sew the pillow front and back together. The last step in learning how to make decorative pillows like the one in this video is the flange. ZJ shows how easy it is to sew and gives fun tips for how to keep everything aligned while stitching. Once the pillow is completed, ZJ shares several tips for inserting the pillow form and ensuring nice, crisp corners.

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