Stacy Grissom

How to Make a Tutu

Stacy Grissom
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Duration:   5  mins

Whether you are making a tutu as part of a Halloween costume or just a fun accessory for dress-up, you can get the kids involved with this easy no-sew project. Stacy Grissom shows you how to turn strips of tulle into a fun tutu, varying the lengths and widths of the tulle for different looks and even adding pops of color with ribbon.

Tulle is a great fabric to work with for no-sew projects because it doesn’t ravel, which means there is no need to finish any ends. If you are planning on making several tutus, or one with lots of narrow strips, consider using a rotary cutter, ruler, and mat to speed up the cutting process. Because tulle is a fairly light-weight fabric, you can fold it in half several times or stack up multiple layers to cut at once. If you are using tulle that has sequins or other embellishments on the fabric, try to cut your strips around the embellishments, or remove them from the cutting line with a pair of scissors prior to using the rotary cutter. Hitting one with your rotary cutter could dull or damage your blade.

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One Response to “How to Make a Tutu”

  1. evelyn

    how many yards of toil do you have to purchase for a small child? thanks

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