Nicki LaFoille

How to Make an Everyday Apron

Nicki LaFoille
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Duration:   39  mins

Aprons are the perfect accessory for everything from cooking to crafting. Learn how to make an apron that’s easy to make and customizable- Nicki LaFoille shows you how.

Quick and Easy Apron

Nicki begins by explaining how the apron pattern piece is drafted. While you can download the pattern piece and use it as is, Nicki explains how it can be easily made larger or smaller in some of the main areas, like how wide the front section is between your shoulders or how much the sides wrap around your body. Another aspect of the apron that is easy to adjust is the length of the apron, which is as easy as adding or taking away inches from the lower edge of the apron.

Nicki then talks about how to cut out the two apron pattern pieces that are needed, which are the outer main fabric piece and the lining piece. The lining fabric piece of the apron is cut larger than the outer main fabric piece in order to be able to wrap around the main fabric raw edge and create a finished faux binding look.

Nicki then talks about the fabric that she chose to make her apron from. While you can choose any fabric you like when learning how to make an apron, Nicki explains that she prefers to use a tightly woven fabric. When considering fabric to use for your apron, you will want something that can be easily washed and will hold up well to multiple washings.

Once you learn how to make an apron using this easy, everyday pattern, learn how to make a vintage apron, which has a fun, curved shape and how to make a handy craft apron, which is a great option if you prefer half aprons or ones that do not cover the top half of the body.

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