Aurora Sisneros

How to Make Floor Cushions

Aurora Sisneros
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Duration:   31  mins

Floor cushions are perfect for kids in playrooms or as extra seating for guests. They can also be used to add a fun touch of color to a room. Aurora Sisneros shows you step-by-step how to make floor cushions that have boxed corners and a handle to make moving them easier.


Whether you are making a floor cushion the same size as the one in the video or one even larger, odds are you might move it a few times. Aurora shows you how to make a nice sturdy handle by folding the fabric several times to make it stronger. She also share a great tip on how to attach the handle in a way that makes it easier to grab.


Creating perfect corners can be tricky, but Aurora shows you an easy way to make sure they turn out every time. The key is marking where to start and stop your stitching. Using this method ensures your fabric doesn’t overlap or get bunched in the corners.


In this video Aurora shows you how to make floor cushions out of cotton fabric. The same instructions and techniques can also be used to create cushions out of other fabrics as well. If you want a sturdier cushion, consider using an upholstery fabric. Or, if you want your cushion to be a fun statement piece in a room, try out something like a faux fur.

One Step Further

Love this idea but don’t think you would use a floor cushion? Use the same instructions and techniques, but cut your sides taller to create more of a square box shape rather than a rectangle and make an ottoman. Learning how to make floor cushions, as well as other sewing projects for the home, are great ways to add personal touches to a room and also make great gifts.

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