Ashley Hough

How to Make Orange Slice Felt Coasters

Ashley Hough
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Duration:   8  mins

Sewing with felt can be fun, quick, and easy! In this project, Ashley Hough shows you how to make felt coasters in the shape of tasty orange slices. Yum!

Supplies for Felt Coasters

For this simple sewing project, all you really need is a bit of felt, your sewing machine, and something to trace as a circle template. While they may be called “orange” slices, these coasters be made in any color. Here, Ashley is using a fuchsia felt for her main pieces with a basic white felt for her accent color.

Construction of Felt Coasters

1. Begin by cutting a large circle from your main color first (circle 1), then a slightly smaller circle with your accent felt (circle 2), and finally, an even smaller circle from your main felt color (circle 3).

2. Once you have the circles cut, use your smallest circle (circle 3) to create the wedge details of the orange slice. To do this, draw three lines to divide the circle into six pieces and cut along the lines.

3. Now that the wedges are cut, you can begin to layer your felt coaster. Layer your medium circle (circle 2) onto your large circle (circle 1), and place your accent wedges on top.

4. Pin your pieces in place and stitch together.

There are several different ways you can stitch the felt coaster together depending on the final look you want. (Tip: Use fabric glue to make it a quick and easy no-sew project.)

Get even craftier with your coasters by adding small “seeds,” or make a one-of-a-kind set out of our own handmade felt. Once you see how easy these coasters come together, you are going to want to make several juicy sets!


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One Response to “How to Make Orange Slice Felt Coasters”

  1. Jan beal

    Little coasters are cute. It was a fun video. I will try it for Xmas coasters. Thank you.

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