ZJ Humbach

How to Easily Remove Serger Stitches

ZJ Humbach
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Duration:   2  mins

Whether you’re new to using a serger or you’re a seasoned professional, there will probably come a time when you need to rip out serger stitches. In this video, ZJ Humbach shows you several ways you can remove serger stitches with ease. She takes you through several tools that can be used for the process, as well as what side of the work to start ripping stiches out of first, and what thread to pull that makes everything easily unravel.

Removing serger stitches, as well as stitches made using a conventional machine, should be done carefully if you intend to re-stich or reuse the fabric. If you have used a high quality thread, it is usually possible to clip a couple threads at one end on the fabric’s wrong side, and then pull the thread out in one long piece on the fabric’s right side. However, doing this can bunch up the fabric and create larger holes in the fabric where the thread is being removed. These holes could then possibly still be visible even after the fabric is re-stitched. To protect the fabric, clip threads every few inches along the fabric wrong side and remove the stitching in sections. This process will take a bit longer, but can result in a cleaner finished project.

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3 Responses to “How to Easily Remove Serger Stitches”

  1. Speksoz

    I find the following method less messy. From the right side (top), find the needle thread(s). Pull them, gather the seam untill they break. Then you are able to remove the looper threads without cutting them into tiny little pieces. Keep finding the needle threads and pulling and breaking them untill all stitches are removed.

  2. Andrea

    I use my surgical blade for just about everything, but I didn't know about pulling out the lower looper threads. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Nelly

    Thanks for the hints. Serger stitches are a bit trickier to remove. I also find the blade to be the easiest & fastest.

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