Ashley Hough

How to Sew a Book Cover

Ashley Hough
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Duration:   15  mins

Book covers are a quick and easy way to dress up any notebook. Ashley Hough shows you how to sew a book cover that can be easily adapted to fit any size of notebook or book.

Expert Tips to Discover How to Sew a Book Cover

While notebook covers can be made from a wide variety of different fabrics, Ashley shows how to use standard woven quilting cotton for this tutorial. She begins by explaining the basic shapes that need to be cut from the fabric to make the notebook cover, which are essentially all rectangles, depending on your notebook.

You will need a large rectangle to cover the front and back of the book and two smaller rectangles that will be used to secure the cover onto the book. Ashley explains what size pieces she cut for the size of notebook she is covering, but also explains how to take the notebook measurements and account for seam allowance so that this project can be adapted for any book. She then shows how to sew the pieces together, explaining what width of seam allowance she likes to use and why and also sharing where to start and stop the stitching in order to be able to turn the project.

Once the main rectangle pieces have been stitched, Ashley shows how to assemble them and ensure that they are going to fit on the notebook and still allow the notebook to close. She then shows how to finish off the project with small amounts of topstitching. Once you learn how to sew a book cover, use some of your leftover fabric to sew bookmarks from leftover scraps. Also, if you have books that you want to use for other projects but have already mastered the book cover, learn how to make a hardcover book purse.

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