Aurora Sisneros

How to Sew a Boxy Zippered Pouch

Aurora Sisneros
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Duration:   39  mins

Zippered pouches can be great gift ideas and Aurora Sisneros shows you how to sew a pouch that can be perfect for anyone. The pouch features a zipper closure, easy zipper tabs, a handle, corner gussets and is even completely lined.

Pattern Pieces

This project is made using a variety of different sized rectangles. From the front and back to the zipper tabs and handles, Aurora explains all the different pieces you’ll need to make the pouch from start to finish. She also explains how you can make the pouch sturdier by using a product like Craft Fuse or other fusible interfacing.


Zippers can be tricky and intimidating if you’re new to adding them to sewing projects. Aurora shows you how to easily add a zipper to the top of the pouch and how to shorten the zipper if it isn’t exactly the size you want. She also shares some of her tips on how to pin a zipper in place to ensure that all of the layers line up correctly and how to utilize the hand wheel of your machine to help sew over the zipper teeth. She also shows how to insert zipper tabs on either side of the pouch that make opening and closing the zipper even easier.


Adding a lining to a project like a pouch not only makes it sturdier but makes it look more finished as well. Aurora shows you how to sew a pouch with a lining that is easy to install as you assemble the project, rather than having to make a separate lining and insert it at the end.


Corner gussets can take a pouch from a flat envelope style to a popped up boxy style in a few easy steps. Aurora shows you how to sew a pouch with a easy technique for creating the gusset that involves cutting small squares from the corners of your project. Because the pouch is a slightly smaller project, creating the gussets using Aurora’s technique makes them much easier to line up.

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