Ashley Hough

How to Sew an iPad Case with Applique Embellishments

Ashley Hough
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Duration:   29  mins

Today it seems that most people have some kind of iPad, tablet or other device. This makes covers for those electronics the perfect gift for almost anyone. Learn how to sew an iPad case embellished with applique.


Since different devices are different sizes, it is important to know the measurements of the device for which you are making the cover. Measure the length and width of the device across the front of the screen and record the numbers. For this cover, an inch was added to all sides to account for seam allowance as well as make sure there is enough room to easily slide the tablet in and out of the cover.


Ashley Hough teaches two types of applique that can be used for the iPad cover, regular and reverse applique. She shows tips for appliqueing a monogram to the front of the cover and shows how to tackle straight lines, corners, inner and outer curves and any other area that can be found on the letters of the alphabet.

Reverse Applique

Once you learn how to sew an iPad case with a monogram, you can then learn how to personalize the cover with other reverse applique designs. Ashley first shows how to do basic reverse applique by stitching a square or rectangle around a motif in a fabric and then cutting away the upper layer. She then shows how the same fabric motif can be highlighted by stitching around the design itself and then cutting away the upper layer.


Once you’ve added the applique embellishments to the iPad cover, it’s time to assemble it. Ashley shows how to sew an iPad case that is completely finished on the inside by stitching the front and back first as separate pieces and then stitching them together. This also gives a decorative element to the side of the cover that allows you to coordinate the lining and applique fabrics.

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