Stacy Grissom

How to Sew Bag Handles with Ease

Stacy Grissom
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Duration:   4  mins

Learning how to sew bag handles is an important part of any bag or purse project. The handles need to be tough enough to support the bag, but you still want them easy to sew. Stacy Grissom shows you how to sew bag handles that are both sturdy and easy!

How to Start

First she begins with how you will need to modify the handle strap dimensions for this method, and then it’s on to pressing. By folding and pressing the fabric the way Stacy shows, the extra layers of fabric help provide support to the handles, and could eliminate the need for interfacing on some bag or purse projects.

Secure the Edges

As with the fabric used in this video, and other fabrics that take well to pressing, once the folds are ironed in place they stay. If you are using a different type of fabric, or find that your folds are coming undone, you may want to consider secure the layers of the folds together. This can be done with either a simple line of edge-stitching, or if you didn’t want to see any stitching you could apply some fusible hem tape or other adhesive between the layers to secure them.

This Looks Familiar

If you are thinking that you’ve seen this method used somewhere else-you might be right! This method of folding, using fabric cut on the bias, is how you create a form of bias tape. But as Stacy shows, different methods can be used for many different applications, and in this case she shows how to sew bag handles with ease!

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4 Responses to “How to Sew Bag Handles with Ease”

  1. Kimberly Gough

    Love this. Quite a time saver.

  2. Kit

    Would like to see how this is finished/sewn

  3. Mea Cadwell

    Wouldn't this have been easier if the person just said to make it like double folded cloth tape with the ends tucked in?

  4. Robin

    That was great but will you sew it together on the open sode?

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