How to Sew Decorative Flowery Felt Pillows

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Duration:   14  mins

Felt is a fun and easy fabric to work with because it comes in a variety of colors, is easy to work with and doesn’t require any edge finishing. In this video learn how to make felt pillows with fun flower centers- Ashley Hough shows you how.

Download flower petal pattern here

Felt Fabric

Felt comes in a variety of colors and types. For this felt pillow Ashley uses craft felt which can be found and most craft and fabric stores. Ashley explains how much of each color of felt is needed for the flower section of the felt pillow as well as how much fabric you will need for the background.

Ashley uses a square of cotton as the background, though you can choose to use any type of fabric you want. You can even decide to change up the flower fabric and learn how to felt wool to create your own.

Sewing with Felt

Sewing with felt is fairly easy because it doesn’t require any special preparation or finishing. Ashley shows how to layer the two colors of felt for the petal and then shows a fun way to stitch them together using a free motion foot. Using a free motion foot with the feed dogs down on your machine allows you to move the fabric as you want under the needle, creating your own stitch pattern and size.

Ashley then shows how to fold the petals to create a more realistic shape and then how to attach them to the pillow background. She explains how to arrange and space the petals so that no stitching shows at the base of the petals and then explains how to attach a flower center. Once the flower of your felt pillow is attached you can layer the two background pieces right sides together, stitch the perimeter leaving an opening for turning, turn right side out and insert a pillow form and then close the opening.

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