Ellen March

How to Sew Straps for a Bag or Purse

Ellen March
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Duration:   2  mins

Make any purse or bag easy to grab and go by adding stiffness to the straps so they stand up on their own. Ellen March shows you several products that can help you achieve the strap stiffness you want that are also easy to use, either stitched in place or fused right to your fabric.

Even if you opt to use a product that is fused in place, you can still add extra dimension and texture to your project with stitching. The bag straps shown in the video were channel-quilted or top-stitched, but you could also use some of your machine’s decorative stitches and create fun patterns. Use different thread colors and you can change the whole look of your project!

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One Response to “How to Sew Straps for a Bag or Purse”

  1. gladys boston

    That is a remarkable size for a purse! I don't think it would fit in my handbag or my pocket!

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