How to Shorten a Zipper

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Duration:   6:05   mins

Jackie Pacitti provides helpful tips and techniques for shortening a zipper for a zipper pouch. Find out how to add beautiful accents and tabs to your zipper pouches. See what materials you need as well as specific materials that work best. Have fun making zipper pouches and use these awesome tips today to advance your sewing skills.

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4 Responses to “How to Shorten a Zipper”

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      Hello Janice!

      I am so very sorry. We’re currently working on getting closed captioning placed on all of our videos, but for the time being we do not have that as an option.

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  1. Christina

    Thank you for this video, but wondering what happens with excess of tabs? Are they folded underneath or excess cut Away? Thanks

    • Customer Service

      Hi Christina. Once you have your zipper in place, the sides of the pouch are stitched together and the excess fabric of the tabs will be caught in the seam allowance, which can then be trimmed away.

      Hope that helps!

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