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How to Store Bobbins

ZJ Humbach
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When it comes to sewing, no one likes to have to stop in the middle of a project to wind a new bobbin. This is why it is handy to have several pre-wound bobbins available during each project. ZJ Humbach shares several methods for storing bobbins so you will always have one available.

Bobbin Storage

There are many different bobbin storage options available at craft and fabric stores today. ZJ shows some of her favorite ways of storing bobbins, including a flexible silicone ring and a hard plastic case. She explains that the flexible ring comes in different sizes to accommodate the size of bobbin you are storing. It is important to select the right size ring for your size of bobbin so that the bobbins do not fall out. Since the ring is made of a flexible silicone material, it is meant to grip your bobbins snugly to hold them in place without the need for a lid. Another storage option ZJ shares is a hard plastic case that can store any size of bobbin. She explains how she has several different cases so that she can group similar thread colors or types together in one box and label it. This makes it quick and easy to know what kind of bobbin you are grabbing.

Alternative Bobbin Storage

While fabric stores offer many different products for storing bobbins as well as other options for storing your sewing supplies, ZJ shows several options you may already have lying around your house. The first option she shows is a large medicine case. She explains how these are great for storing bobbins because they can store several, they have a lid that won’t easily come off, and they are fairly see-through, so you can see what bobbins are in the case. Other similar storage options include used tea tins, as they also securely hold several bobbins and are perfect for storing bobbins in your sewing room or for taking your sewing on the road.

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5 Responses to “How to Store Bobbins”

  1. Nina McEachin

    Thanks for the bobbin storing info. I do use the "purple" ring bobbin holder. I like it and with the larger bobbin size, the bobbins sit securely in the ring and don't unwind as easily. I'd also like to add in that I purchased a plastic (clear) box with a latch to stay closed. It is the size of the purple ring and the height of 2 rings. I can easily see in the box and my bobbins are dust free.

  2. Diana

    I place mine in my eptmy medicine bottles each bottle has one color Diana

  3. Jennifer Conrad

    </strong> Hello: How do you keep your bobbin thread on the bobbin for storage. I seem to have a lot of bobbin threads all over the place in my bobbin holder because they begin to unthread. There’s no little slit to tuck the thread in like a spook. Thank you.

  4. Rhonda Woods

    Do you put the metal bobbins in the plastic medicine bottles too or you use the plastic container for the metal bobbins

  5. Kristine Born

    I didn't see you mentioning that the plastic case looks great but the bobbins unwind and you have thread everywhere. The cans so the same thing. The only worthwhile item I have tried is the ring. Thank you for the info

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