How to Use Fusible Web and Other Adhesives

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Whether you are doing applique, or just prefer to use a fabric adhesive as an alternative to pins, Tara Rex shows you what product to use. She shares information on several different kinds of fabric adhesives, including fusible web, glue sticks and adhesive spray.

Fusible Web

Fusible web is a popular product to use when doing applique because you can cut out and adhere intricate shapes with ease. Tara explains that there are several different kinds of fusible web, Clear Fuse and Wonder Under being two of the most commonly found brands. Fusible web is often found near the fusible interfacing, but is not to be confused with it. Fusible web acts as a glue between two pieces of fabric, whereas interfacing fabric is a way to stiffen a piece of fabric. Tara demonstrates how to use fusible web, showing how to determine which side of the fusible web has the glue and then demonstrating how to adhere that to the wrong side of a piece of fabric. She then explains how to remove the plastic or paper on the fusible web, allowing it to be adhered to another piece of fabric. Tara gives tips for removing the backing and also explains the importance of cutting your fusible web to the right size, ensuring none of the adhesive gets on your iron.

Other Adhesives

If you are wanting to use a fabric adhesive as an alternative to pins, or just don’t need the intricate pieces of adhesive you can get from fusible web, glue sticks and spray adhesives are a great option. Tara shows one of the glue sticks she likes to use, though others can be used as long as they are meant for fabric. Fabric glue sticks are water soluble and can still be stitched though. Spray adhesives are a great choice if you need to apply adhesive to a large area of fabric at one time, and Tara shares a spray adhesive she likes to use.

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