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Iron Quick Fabric

ZJ Humbach
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Duration:   4  mins

When it comes to sewing projects, practically all of them will need to be pressed at some point, usually multiple times, throughout the construction process. This means that your ironing board cover may need to be replaced. If you are unable to find the right size and fit of cover for your ironing board, consider making your own. ZJ Humbach teaches you about the perfect ironing board fabric called iron quick fabric.

Iron Quick Fabric

ZJ begins by explaining how iron quick fabric can be found, either in packages or as yardage. How you choose to buy your ironing board fabric can depend on the size of board you are covering. If you are covering a small sleeve board, the pre-packaged fabric might be enough, however if you have a larger board you may need to get yardage. She then talks about all of the properties of the fabric that make it good for covering ironing boards, including how it is heat reflective and easy to clean. ZJ then gives tips on how you could construct an ironing board cover. She also gives fun ideas on how you can use ironing board fabric in other projects, like pot holders, if you have leftover pieces after making your ironing board cover. She shows two different pot holder ideas, one using leftover quilt blocks and one that has a fun heart shape. She explains how you would construct and finish both options. In addition to making a new ironing board cover, ZJ also has several other ironing board improvements that you can make as well in another tutorial. And while having and maintaining a good, clean ironing board is important, it is equally important to keep your iron itself clean. Learn how to clean an iron as well as see great tips and tricks.

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